Species: Human
Age: Unknown, estimated Earth age is somewhere between 17-21
Height: 5" 8'

An engineer who has lived his entire life underground, Fay is rescued by Khern when his home comes under attack by grotesque assailants. Despite his job title, it was Fay's duty to work the water wheels in the underground city and he possesses no real technical skills beyond that. He hasn't quite realised it yet, but he keeps hold of the title regardless of leaving his home because it makes him feel like he is worth something.

He has been taught to create claws from energy as a way of interacting with machinery. Fay is capable of transferring energy to and from things and helps rejuvenate Khern at the end of chapter one. Outside of that however, he isn't particularly sure what he is capable of, since he has never had reason to use his abilities outside of working machinery before.



Species: Elvaanus
Age: 270 homeworld years (Around 654 Earth years)
Height: 6" 9'

His species are much closer in relation to humans than most other species. Notable differences are the increased height, sharpened teeth and eyes suited for the night. He can create limited barriers around himself and interact with objects a small distance away from him without touching them. These abilities are used by his people to augment their hunting abilities by altering physical space around them to increase their speed or otherwise give them an advantage.

Despite his outwardly menacing aura and the predatory nature of his people, he is very gentle and compassionate at heart. Although it would have been more advisable for him to not get involved with the events in the underground city, and especially advisable to leave Fay behind because he is human, Khern's sympathy compels him to not only to risk his life rescuing him but to take him back to civilisation.



Species: Lepuselian
Age: 78 homeworld years (Around 931 Earth years)
Height: 7" 6'

Yet to be introduced in person (but appearing in letters in both chapters one and two), Yadelia resides in the capital city of Lyndfall, serving on the council. The planet and system they inhabit are very close to a political border and Yadelia and the rest of the council work tirelessly to keep Tulron III peaceful in a difficult time.

Due to the size and somewhat underdeveloped nature of the planet, most unrest in the system is based on their larger ringed neighbouring planet. However, the native species of Tulron III face various threats from the introduction of new species through both politics and relocation. Yadelia works closely with both the natives and the off-worlders to ensure relations stay amicable.